BOOK NOW In February 2022, Water and Stone Wild Spa burst into life with “The Hideaway” at C-Space in Newquay. C-Space is the coolest co-working spot in town, and arguably the only one in the country with a Nordic spa and woodfired pizzas (provided by the awesome guys at Dough Selecta) to indulge in after […]


Hot Finnish saunas are considered to have their own unique character, they retain energy and create loyly. The loyly  enhances the experience.This energy is first born with the craftmanship of wood-fired saunas by ex boat builder Martin Dean from Kernow Springs. Your heart rate will increase to running pace, the temperature dilates blood vessels, reduces blood pressure, and […]


Cold Our cold plunge pools and ice baths cause the breathing and heart rate to race, focus is directed to the breath and to a calming meditative state. This brief, highly beneficial cold plunge will help release endorphins the cycle is then repeated with the hot sauna again. This stage is where you will receive the […]

and… RELAX

The final stage in the cycle is designed to allow the cardiovascular system to regulate itself after spending time in our beautifully handcrafted tubs. It is recommended to rest the body to help stabilise the blood flow and heart rate. This is time for the body and mind to rest and relax. So grab a […]